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Founder Story

Nieves and Nora met in the course of a marketing project for a green brand in Vienna. It quickly became clear that their passions and skills complement each other. Together, they have made it their mission to pass on their knowledge in the field of digital marketing and to help brands grow. Together for a better future.


Complementing her role as Head of Marketing at a university in Berlin, Nora is also engaged as a lecturer in the fields of marketing, communication, and fundraising. While she has contributed to enhancing brand visibility and sales for major corporations in the lifestyle and fashion sectors, it has become her main focus to make use of her knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.


Before Nieves started her own business as an online marketing consultant in 2019, she worked for one of the biggest media agencies in Austria. Her specialty is the field of digital marketing with a personal passion for content creation in the area of social media. Personal development and sustainability are topics that have fundamentally shaped Nieves in recent years, both professionally and privately.

The best marketing doesn't feel like Marketing.

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